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Bisen Aoyagi is a young artist who has gained much attention from across the globe for her unique,
energetic and dynamic live calligraphy performances.
Bisen practises everyday similar to how professional athletes train day in day out.
She believes daily discipline will result in her best works.
Please take a look at her one of a kind art works.

Live performance / Workshops

One of a kind live calligraphy performance

Bisen Aoyagi has her own unique, energetic and dynamic style. As soon as she starts creating her art live in front of you on a giant canvas, you cannot help but watch to the very end.
Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise
JRA Arima Memorial Code
JRA Arima Memorial Code
20th anniversary of France Japan Touch
20th anniversary of France Japan Touch
National Stadium Emperor's Cup
National Stadium Emperor's Cup

Title & Logo creation

Bisen Aoyagi will custom create a Logo for you that stands out from the crowd.

Art Works

Bisen Aoyagi will create one of a kind art works only for you. They are available in a variety of sizes and materials.
Historical works 1
Historical works 2
Historical works 3
Historical works 4
Historical works 5

Wall Art

Bisen Aoyagi will assist you to make the look of your shop, restaurant or office different from your competition with her one of a kind art works drawn directly on the walls.

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